What to expect on your first visit to Redstone Chiropractic Healing Center 

New patients should set aside 60 minutes for the first visit. The New Patient Paperwork is filled out by the patient. The chiropractor reviews this information and asks a series of questions relevant to the history before performing a focused physical exam.

The doctor then presents exam findings along with treatment plan and goals. Chiropractic care may begin at this time (if indicated).  X-Rays may be required before treatment begins.

A chiropractic treatment typically involves a combination of techniques depending on the patient presentation. Modalities may include: Activator, assisted stretching, Diversified, massage therapy, Thompson, and orther techniques. Please set aside 30 minutes for your appointment.

Patient education is crucial for success; so the chiropractor will discuss things such as posture, stretching, nutrition, and stress management.